Insurance & Billing

What To Expect Prior To Scheduled Services:

Pasco Regional Medical Center employs an outstanding insurance verification and pre-registration team.  Once you or your physician schedule services with Pasco Regional, our pre-registration team begins preparing for your visit immediately.

  • An insurance verifier will begin by contacting your insurance company to obtain benefits for the services scheduled.  If an authorization number is required for the scheduled test, the verifier will contact your primary care physician to insure an authorization is obtained.
  • The insurance verifier will calculate your estimated patient liability and detail your benefits and estimated liability in a letter that will be mailed to you prior to your scheduled services.
  • If the insurance verifier team experiences any delays in benefits or authorization for services, you will be contacted promptly.

On The Day Of Service

Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled service to allow time to complete required paperwork.  Please bring with you the following items required during registration:

  1. Insurance cards
  2. Photo identification
  3. Method of payment for estimated patient liability

After Services Are Rendered

A summary of your charges will be mailed to you shortly after your discharge.  Upon request, we will gladly submit to the patient or the legal guardian an itemized statement detailing charges.

We automatically bill your insurance and/or Medicare for these charges and you will be responsible for any outstanding balances.  The daily hospital rate includes the cost of your room and general nursing care.  There are separate charges for items, which apply to your care such as medications, operating room, oxygen, blood products, recovery room, laboratory services, and diagnostic x-rays. 

In addition to the hospital bill, you will receive a bill from your private physician, consulting physician, emergency physician, radiologist, pathologist, anesthesiologist and non-emergency transport for their services.  Ambulance fees are also billed separately by the ambulance service.  Questions about any of these bills should be directed to their respective offices.

Our billing cycles depend upon the type of insurance you carry.  The different categories are as follows:

  • Worker's Compensation
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Commercial/Blue Cross/CHAMPUS/Managed Care (non-HMO)
  • Self Pay (no insurance)


Patient statements are not generated under this category.  The hospital will follow up with the employer and/or insurance carrier until the account is paid.  It is the patient's responsibility to follow up with their employer to file a Workers' Compensation claim and to provide that claim number to the hospital.  If the claim is denied, the account will be updated to a self-pay account and will be pursued per the guidelines listed under self pay.


Patient statements are not generated under this category.  The hospital will follow up with Medicaid until the account is paid.  Medicaid is the payer of last resort, which means the hospital must bill any health insurance, auto insurance or liability insurance first before billing Medicaid.  It is the patient's responsibility to provide all insurances at the time of visit.


Patient statements are not generated under this category.  The hospital will follow up with Medicare until the account is paid.  After Medicare has paid, the deductible and/or coinsurance will be billed to the secondary (supplemental) insurance if applicable.  The hospital will follow up with the insurance company per the guidelines listed below under Commercial/Blue Cross/CHAMPUS/Managed Care.  If the patient does not have supplemental insurance, the hospital will follow the  Self Pay guidelines.


A hospital claim is filed to the insurance company in most cases three days after discharge.  If payment has not been received from the insurance company within 30 days of filing, a statement is mailed asking the patient to follow up with their carrier.  If payment is not received within the following 2 weeks, a second statement is mailed advising the patient that the responsibility for the bill now belongs to the patient.  The account will then update to a self-pay and the hospital will follow self-pay guidelines.  Exceptions to this process may exist if the patient in engaged in resolving the account.

Pasco Regional Medical Center files insurance claims for our patients as a courtesy.  We will attempt to collect the money from the insurance company, but ultimately the hospital bill is the patient's responsibility.  We encourage all patients to contact your insurance carriers to assist us in resolving any delays in payment for your account.  In most cases, an insurance company will respond to a patient call quicker than a hospital call.


A statement is mailed approximately one week from discharge asking for payment.  A second statement is mailed two weeks later asking or payment in full or that acceptable payment arrangements be made with the business office (account must be paid in full within 6 months).  In addition to the above steps, phone calls are made to patients in this category asking for payment or to set up arrangements.

Please remember, we are neither a bank nor a financial institution and cannot accept long-term payment arrangements on patient accounts.  Accounts, which are not satisfied by one of the above methods, will be forwarded to a collection agency for further collection action.

Contact The Business Office

If you have any questions about your account we encourage you to contact the hospital's business office at 352-799-4001 or toll free at 877-489-3094.

Important Note:

The billing statement you receive from Pasco Regional Medical Center is for hospital services only.  You may also receive invoices for professional services provided to you, such as your personal physician, surgeon, radiologist, pathologist and emergency physician.  Any questions regarding these bills should be directed to the following:

Optimal IMX Radiology Services:              877.833.2242
West Central Florida Pathology:                800.330.6844
Quantum Medical:                                      800.846.7978
Caladonia Financial Service:                       877.693.5600
Florida Gulf-to-Bay Anesthesiology:           866.895.3444