Direct Patient Admissions

Direct Patient Admission to Pasco Regional Medical Center

Sometimes it is necessary for your doctor to directly admit you to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.  We have created this page to help your doctor with a direct patient admission.  Here you and your doctor will find information and resources that will help, should you be directly admitted to our hospital in Dade City.

Physician Form

Direct Admit Form.pdf

Direct admit forms can be faxed to the following hospital number depending upon the time of day:

(352) 521-1578 6AM to 6PM or (352) 521-1180 6PM to 6AM

Patient Instructions

Direct Admit Patient Instructions.pdf

These patient instructions include what to bring to the hospital; directions to the hospital; and what to do upon arrival at the hospital.


If you have a question about a general direct patient admission, please call an Admitting Associate at:

(352) 521-1184 6AM to 6PM or (352) 521-1158 6PM to 6AM